What it Fake News?: Information Literacy in a World of Viral News
Date: 4/15/2018 Album ID: 2196114
Photos by Glenda Partlow
We've all heard the term "fake news." But what does it really mean? And how do you identify fake news when you see it? Join our panel of local journalists and media experts as they give their take on "fake news" and answer your questions.
St. Louis Press Club and Kirkwood Public Library co-sponored a forum about fake news with 160 perons attending on April 15. Panel members from left, Carol Daniel of KMOX, Julie Smith of Webster University, Don Corrigan of the Times Newspapers, Alvin Reid of St. Louis American, St. Louis Magazine and Donnybrook, and Retired KTVI Reporter Betsey Bruce.
Emma DeLooze-Klein of Kirwood Public Library welcoming the 160 people attending the April 15 forum about Fake News.
Press Club President William Greenblatt introducing Moderator Betsey Bruce.
Press Club President William Greenblatt
Betsey Bruce introducing the panelists for the April 15 forum
Panelist Alvin Reid responding to question What is fake news?
Don Corrigan talks about the distinction between satire, fake and true news.
Julia Smith talks about how fake news sites make money and so much of it originates outside of the country.
Carol Daniels says reporters have to go beyond their bias and to tell you what's behind the curtain.
Overflow crowd of 160 attendees at the Kirkwood Library.
Besey Bruce taking questions from the audience.
Corrigan and Reid responding to audience questions.
Press Club member Harvey Schneider asks a question of the panel about the Fairness Doctrine.
Alvin Reid
Audience member Mary Bequette asking her question of panel.